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Number 7

In the world of superstition, the numeral seven is often thought of as a “lucky” number. Fortunes have been won and lost by the use of that number in games of chance. I never considered myself as a “lucky” person. I have never won any sort of prizes or contests. Usually, I do not enter any type of sweepstakes or lotteries. I do recall winning a football pool once. I suppose that would have been “luck”. I hear people describe the results of winning as the “luck of the draw.” In illustrating a winner, one could say, “you lucky dog!” On embarking on a particular venture, “Best of Luck” sometimes is conveyed. A shared meal with a group is often explained as “Potluck”. It has been said, “with any luck…” and so forth. As you begin reading this you may have gotten the idea this is about luck, not necessarily so.

December 2008, I had an encounter in a Barnes and Noble bookstore with a wonderful woman. This changed my life. I have heard scenarios such as this described as a “chance” encounter. I disagree. It was anything but “chance”. “Chance” implies that some sort of luck was involved. I do not believe that to be the case. However, it may be possible to describe it as fate. I much prefer to say I was “blessed”.
When my eyes caught up with her eyes, I was hooked. As I stood there in the map section, (I love reading maps, educational, you know), and she in the romance section, it was a defining moment.

I, being the male species, made the first move. I probably should have spent more time in the romance section. Not being a teenager for a long time, I was rusty at this sort of thing. I invited her for a cup of coffee, Starbucks coffee. That stuff will get your blood pressure rising. Mine was already on the increase. We began a wonderful conversation. We shared our similarities. Amazing how much we discovered in common. This coffee shop was in the mall, thus we walked and spent time window-shopping. I recall she bought a set of coasters.

After a second cup of coffee, she with a double shot of espresso, (not me, I was already wired) we decided to take a walk through a local park. As we walked, we both knew this was a special moment in time. We were completely enjoying our time together, (except for the Pomeranian which was “bad luck”).

Finishing our day, we had lunch at On the Border Café. It seems that Mexican food is probably our most favorite meal. The time raced by. I did not want this day to end. Sadly, it did. However, it was the beginning of a very true romance, the kind you might read in the romance section at Barnes and Noble bookstore. I could see this coming back when I was in the map section.

May 15, 2016, we will celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary and counting. It is impossible to list all the wonderful experiences we have enjoyed over these past seven years.

So, through this brief article and very publicly, I am expressing my love for this woman, sometimes affectionately referred to as “The Rancherette”, but always my wife Jennifer. Happy Anniversary to my helpmate, my sweetheart, my constant companion, my soul mate and yes, my playmate. Come to think of it, maybe, I did get lucky after all. I know for sure I am blessed. The God of my beliefs put all this in motion and I am grateful. His plan is perfect, like the number 7.

To be continued:

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2 thoughts on “Number 7

  1. Jennifer Etheridge-Robertson on said:

    I am totally blown away by this wonderful loving expression of our life together. It has been a whirlwind 7 yrs. I ask myself frequently where did this time go ? I am the one truly blessed. You are my best friend, my “precious” as you are affectionitly called , my playmate, my rancher, my writer and my poet. What more could I ask for? Happy Anniversary my love. I am so blessed to be your wife ❤

  2. jackie on said:

    Wishing you a Happy Anniversary on the 15th. I think, however, you are celebrating every day of your lives. And it is so wonderful to see how happy and loved you both are. Jen, you deserve every bit of happiness coming your way, as does hubby. Hugs and again best wishes, Jackie T

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