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Copper Pennies

As I was emptying my pockets before retiring for the night, I dropped a penny on the floor.
It brought a thought about how we treat the penny in this modern age. They do not mean much anymore. There was a time from 1793 to 1837, when the penny was made entirely of copper.
It had value. In 1837, they changed the composition to bronze. Pennies are not made of copper any longer. It became too expensive. Throughout the years, it has changed numerous times until 1982 they became 97.5 % zinc and 2.5% copper-plated zinc.
It remains so today. Except, it isn’t of much value. Did you know it costs almost .0125 cents to produce a coin that is valued at .01 cent? Could it be that people in general disregard a penny lying on the ground because it has no value? Who stoops to pick up a penny?
It crossed my mind that some people correlate that with persons who seem to fit a pattern of “worn out”, obsolete and perhaps “used up”. Who stoops to pick up a derelict?
I hope you can get the meaning of this poem. At my age, it certainly speaks to me. Just because the coin I see laying on the floor happens to be of no significant value does not mean it is no less importance in our society. An old, obsolete copper-clad penny not worth picking up? May it never be so!

Copper Penny

In my dreams, I touched reality.
Along the way, rested a penny by the wayside,
well-worn, discolored, begging to be picked up.
People passed by, disinclined to stoop over
for an obsolete, copper-clad penny.

In my dreams, I touched cynicism.
If I were, a frayed, tattered, antiquated soul,
like a penny, languishing by the wayside,
Would people pass by and refuse to bend over
for an obsolete, copper-clad penny?

In my dreams, I touched certainty
If I were a crisp, sliver of green currency,
Like a treasured icon of extravagance,
Selfish people would stumble over themselves.
But, not for an obsolete, copper-clad penny.

In my dreams, I touched optimism.
That this would not portray legitimacy
of a pompous, arrogant and disdainful society.
Stoop, bend down, won’t you pick up
this old obsolete copper-clad penny?

                                                                                              Pete Robertson
                                                                                              September 2012

Have a nice day.

What’s Worse than a Flat Tire?

Is there anything worse than running out your door ten minutes late and discovering your left rear tire is flat? To top it off, your husband just left for work a few minutes ago. No problem, though, just reach for the fix-a-flat that you ALWAYS carry in the trunk. That will get you to the station where you can get the tire changed, right?

Now just exactly, where is the can of fix-a-flat? I know it was here last week, for it rolled around in the trunk and made a lot of noise. Uh Oh! I remember the husband taking it out of the car to use for the lawnmower tire.

Now what? I know, I’ll call him on his cell phone. He can just come back and change the tire. Ring! Ring! Wife hears his cell phone ringing in the bedroom. The klutz left his phone at home.

Wife could call his work and tell them that husband should come back home because wife has a flat and needs his help. Yep, that’s what wife will do. Ring! Ring! “Hello, is this  husband’s workplace?” Husband’s work replies, “Yes, it is.”

“Yeah, this is the wife. Is  husband there? Would you please ask him to come to the phone?” Husband’s workplace replies, “He isn’t here.” Wife says he had better be there, he left home 20 minutes ago and it only takes five minutes to get to work. Husband’s work says, “Sorry, he’s not here, yet”.

Obviously, if husband is not there, then the issue becomes complicated. Wife begins to utter a few unseemly words, actually naughty words, even obscenities, and applies them to husband.

If only he had not forgotten his phone. If only he had not used the fix-o-flat in the lawnmower tire, if a frog had wings, he wouldn’t bump his butt every time he hopped. And just why isn’t husband at work already? Wife cannot wait until husband comes home tonight. Husband is going to get an earful. And, by the way, where is the jack, it isn’t in the trunk.

Wife decides to call the service station and get them to come change the tire.
Ring! Ring! “Hello, this is service station. Can we help you?” Wife says to send a tire repairman to change out her flat. Service station says it will be a couple of hours before they can get there and a $75 minimum charge.
Wife sighs and says ok.

Wife will have to call work and tell them she isn’t coming in today. Ring! Ring! “Hello, this is wife’s workplace”.
“Yes, this is wife and I can’t get to work today because husband left me at home with a flat on my car. I don’t have any fix-o-flat, not even a jack in the car and even if I did, I don’t know if I could change a flat.”

(By now, you may have guessed that the names have been excluded to protect the innocent.)

Frustrated, the wife decides to go back into the house for another cup of coffee and as she does, she hears a car pull into the driveway. Looking out her window, she sees her husband getting out of his truck. He proceeds to get the jack from ‘under the hood’ of her car and then rolls a new tire up the driveway. Wife says, “Honey, you’re so sweet, can I get you a cup of coffee and another sweet roll?”

About that time, the flat repairman shows up. Uh, oh! Remember those obscenities? Wife gets to use them again.

I know I can’t think of anything worse than running out your door ten minutes late and discovering the left rear tire flat, can you?

Have a flat free day.

Pete Robertson
September 2012

Dog Tails

I am always interested in dog tails (tales). They most often are funny. We currently have seven standard poodles, a rescue Italian Greyhound and a pair of Cairn Terriers in our kennels. And a standard poodle who resides in the house for a total of eleven. Of course, Apollo doesn’t know he is a dog. I kinda hope no one ever tells him. It would spoil the relationship. The kennel dogs really are like family. Well, maybe like in-laws. We really love them, but keep them out back in their own space. (similar to a mother-in-law suite, you know, at the other end of the house)

They have all the comforts of a doggie haven, fenced yard, enclosed pens with doggie doors that allow them to get in out of the elements, both in the summer, (cooled) and winter (heated). They have fresh food and water every day and get to enjoy a run in the back yard twice daily. They get healthy homemade treats, specially baked (we call them bonios). They have toys they enjoy and thrill at aggravating each other.
Yes, I really would do as much for the in-laws.

Each one of these family members has their own peculiar trait and character. One would have to spend time with them to understand their rare qualities. For example, Denali, the Snow on the Summit (official name but more often called ‘Nalli) generally will not come out of his pen without a rope toy in his mouth. Seems to be his ‘security blanket’. He promptly takes it with him, drops it around a tree and usually pees on it. More often than not, he misses and hit his front legs. Gives new meaning to the term “yellow dog”.

Prada, our genteel lady, will come out of her pen, turn a circle, wait for us to tell her she’s
“ ‘bootiful’, OK go run”, and off she goes.

Stella and her offspring, Sugar, room together. They both are very docile in their pen, yet when they get out, they love to run and chase each other. In fact, Sugar enjoys provoking Stella. We fondly call Stella “Momma Dog”. She answers to both names. Usually, when we call her Stella, it is like using your child’s middle name. It just doesn’t happen unless the child did something wrong.
Andi (Andora) has a nickname as well. Miss Wigglebutt. When she wags her tale, her whole rear end wiggles. She is an extremely happy dog. Dogs wagging tails simply means they are laughing. Andi laughs profusely.
Crue, (named after Motley Crue) is an instigator and thief. His modus operandi includes stealing the treats from Denali’s pen whenever he gets the chance. He also enjoys parading before the Italian Greyhound and aggravating him.

Luka, the Italian Greyhound, reacts as though he could really tear Crue apart. He grabs his toy shark and bites the fool out of it, just as though he has Crue in his mouth. Crue just laughs at him.

As for Gretel, (we call her Munchie, which is short for Munchkin, for she is like a little munchkin), well, she squeaks when she barks and she squeaks a lot, at anything out of the ordinary.

Grendel, (also called Baby Gren) is the fiercest dog we have. Gentle but macho. Only about ten inches tall, he believes he can whip any thing in his view. We can for sure call him the snake killer. Just recently, he killed a water moccasin in his pen. That snake never stood a chance. Grendel never even got bitten.
Well, that leaves Ty. He is the only dog we have that enjoys playing in the water. Ty (official name: Black Tie Affair), the patriarch of several offspring in our kennel, is our water dog. During the summer before the drought and when our pond was full, it was a full time job keeping him out of it. Since it did go dry, we have discovered he also likes playing in the spray of the water hose. So I had this idea recently to film Ty as he enjoyed an afternoon of playing in the water. I did so by putting it to music. Click on Ty’s Blue Grass Jig below to see Ty perform.
Perhaps the in-laws would enjoy this game as well. Just a thought.

Have a nice day.

Ty’s Blue Grass Jig

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