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Life; sometimes it is so hard. For with all the joy and happiness it brings, there is also a certain amount of grieve that tags along. Yesterday, another stone in my shoe! Indie, our Sebastopol gander, succumbed to, apparently, the heat. He was a young male about five years hold. Very young for a life span of twenty-five years. Sometimes one hears of the meanness of geese, especially males. Not in Indie’s case, well, except during mating season. But then, he was only being protective of his female companions.

Indie was very friendly, particularly with me. I taught all three of our geese friends to “go home” when it is time to secure them from predators at night. They have about a ¼ acre pond that is completely dry currently with another ½ acre to roam away from their pen. They take full advantage of it. But I yell, “Let’s go home, geeses” and most of the time, they would begin running back towards their pen. Last night, there were, sadly, only two “geeses” to go home.

Indie had nestled himself in the nesting area of the pen and allowed nature to take its course. He was home. He was a great companion to me. I could hold my hand with my finger extended and say, “Indie, gimme a kiss” and he would gently peck my finger, (most of the time, gently). We have about a ¼ acre pond that is completely dry currently and so we use kiddie pools as their water resources. He and his “sweetheart”, Dusty would stand by those pools we use and wait, sometimes impatiently, while I filled them with fresh water. Then splash about like little puppies. Feeding them each morning is a treat for me., I yell out, “Come get your breakfast”. Along comes Indie and begins eating from my bucket of feed. Life is good.

We have two Labradoodles who insist on helping me get the geese home. They are in an adjoining area separated by a fence. But they bark commands and Indie will get right in their faces and attempt to snatch their nose. Maybe, give them a little kiss? Life is good.

 Gweeny, is a little more reserved than Dusty and Indie. Indie came about his name because he was such an independent creature, We got these geese when they were small goslings. Kept them in a bathtub we used for grooming dogs. They were messy. Well, they still are but we can overlook that since they are mature and roam outside. But life is good.

Here on the Fuzzy Chicken Farm, we have numerous breeds of chickens, a couple of rescue dogs, two Labradoodles and now only two geese. Life still resonates with me about all our animals. We lose a chicken and it stings. We have lost several dogs this year, and it smarts. And now another painful lament. Indie, you served me well and I will miss you.

As I said, life, sometimes is hard.

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