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I Feel a Little Poem Coming On

I thought I would post my last entry for the year, 2014, with a poem. I ask this question; What is it about the seasonal changes that seem to affect our psyche? I do not know, maybe you do.
The title of this poem has absolutely nothing to do with the contents; I simply liked the wording. So, with apologies to the gospel group “Three Bridges”, I borrowed the title from their song, “I Feel A Little Song Coming On.

I Feel a Little Poem Coming On

On this cold and gloomy morning,
The last few days of the year,
I stand gazing pensively,
from my front door across the pasture.
I see a few cows milling about,
Seemingly, with nothing on their mind
except eating the grass beneath their feet.

Brown grass withering amid patches of green
that sprang up after the fire,
like emeralds leaping from a lifeless painting.
Four hedge apples remain on the leafless branches
of the grand old Bois D’ Arc tree.
Three clustered together, one hanging alone, pitifully.
It is a lonely tree, standing dejected, sadly.

In the distance, the waters of a pond
Shimmer languidly from the wind.
Oblivious to its shrinking circumference
Unaware it is on the brink of disaster.
The drought has taken its toll.
Passing from summer to autumn to winter,
leaving spring far behind.

Outside my window a handful of Cardinals
flutter about pilfering from one another
any tidbit or crumb they find on the ground.
A murder of crows sit atop the Bois D’ Arc tree,
Omnivorous creatures, their eyes darting back and forth.
A Red Tail Hawk soars in the sunless currents above,
while his keen eyesight focuses sharply below.

The creatures of the insect world
Have long since relented to hereditary instincts
It is the changing of the guard.
As I stand before my window of opportunity
I witness the inevitable transformation
That once more rises to the forefront of life
And I am in awe.

Pete Robertson
© December 2014

To_Do or not To-do,

It is December 27, 2014. This may be the last time I write that date, for 2015 is standing around the back corner of the garage on the north side just waiting to pounce onto the scene. The temperature is about 40 degrees and the prevailing north wind is whirling about, at 30+ miles per hour, thereby giving us a wind chill of 20+ degrees. The pond lost much of its water in the summer due to the drought however, what remains has white caps. I realize that some live in much colder places, but this is Texas and we do things a bit differently. All seven Standard Poodles are reclining inside their warm kennel buildings. The Silkie Chickens, on the other hand, are wandering about outside their pens, scratching and pecking as if it were 80 degrees. But what do they know? Pea-brained fowl, such as they are. So, that part of 2014 I am anxious to leave behind.

As 2015 approaches, everyone should be thinking about the coming year and what they hope to accomplish. If that means a resolution list, then for those of you who do such a thing, now is the time. Me, I never make a resolution list. Why make such a list only to fail at keeping even the hint of whatever you thought needed to be on such a list in the first place. But I leave that up to you.

However, I did make a to-do list. Or, should I say, the list is made for me. For the novice, or unmarried, a to-do list is not the same as a resolution list. A to-do list is simply a plan of action conceived by a superior authority, while a resolution list is make-believe stuff. Such as, “I probably should resolve to cut back on my sugar”, but I am not putting that on any such list. The doctor does it for me.

This past year, I had so many things on my to-do list that I lost count way back in February. I did remember Valentine’s Day. That bought me a little time. But not to fret, I will eventually catch up.

I have also noticed that if something on the to-do list is not accomplished for that particular year, it doesn’t just disappear, it reappears onto the next year’s list. I do not think that is fair. Just because a certain someone has such an excellent memory does not mean that everyone does. If for some reason, (a really, good reason and not just an excuse) something cannot be completed,  then all should be forgiven, don’t you think. Fair is fair.

I foresee with some certainty, that anything to do with Silkie Chickens will be on that to-do list for 2015. Or, some type of remodel, or any number of ways to keep me current and up-to-date with the latest contraption that we need around our place.  The “rancherette” is very proficient at discovering new things for us “to-do” together.

I look forward to learning what lies in store for me on the new to-do list, as long as it does not contain any reference to my eating habits. I can’t wait, I am so excited.

In the meantime, I may give in and make one resolution for 2015. I may resolve to read the to-do list in its entirety, this year. If I do, then that’s progress. You, on the other hand, should pay attention to whatever list you come across.

Christmas Morning

It is Christmas Morning. The agonizing wait is over. The house has a different air about it. Yesterday, there was so much anticipation and this morning that anticipation has been replaced with an attitude of joy. Smiling faces with tussled hair and sleepy eyes that are just now starting to focus, grip the morning with varying squeals of delight.

The first thing I noticed this morning was a white residue in the milk glass beside the empty cookie plate. Something or someone removed those contents during the night. Then I saw the stockings full to the brim, bulging with stuff inside. There were candy canes sticking out over the edge of each. And the Christmas Tree was loaded with wrapped gifts that were not there yesterday. Santa has come and gone. He really knows how to impress a person.

So breakfast will have to wait. There are gifts to be opened and those stockings so full to the brim, well, they must be pulled off the shelf and emptied on the floor. That is the best way to see what is in there. But I must be careful, Santa has been known to put breakable stuff in those stockings. Fortunately, this morning, that was not the case.

I peered into my stocking to see a variety of male toiletries, which I might add, I love, then a wonderful box of chocolate covered Cherries, really my favorite, and a Christmas tradition in my house for many years. I also got a couple of toothpaste Squeeze-It devices. These are designed to get every bit of the toothpaste from the tube before you throw it away. That is ingenious. Wish I had thought of that. Sure beats pushing and squeezing the tube in the middle. I bet the inventor of that device celebrates Christmas in a big way.

I opened a wrapped gift next. The tag said it was from Santa. I think this Santa looks a lot like my wife. I don’t know how Santa knew I needed a new pair of pajamas. I will wear them tonight. Maybe that will impress “someone”. Santa outdid himself this year.

I must admit, it is fun to open gifts. But my enjoyment really comes from watching the “Rancherette” open her stocking and gifts. Of course, in her case, Santa knows what she likes and is happy to contribute to her desires.

I am undecided as to which gift she likes the most. I can tell you, she adores her Silkie chicken calendar. And then, Santa filled her stocking with traditional stuff.  She opened the stocking to discover an apple, an orange, candy canes, nuts, (assorted, of course), and chocolate candy, Ghirardelli’s chocolate candy! Another gift she received was a sweet-smelling bottle of Burberry perfume. I helped Santa think of that.

However, sometimes, a gift goes awry. Such is the case with the Silkie Chicken Clock. It does not work and must be returned. I don’t think Santa takes return gifts even if he did not get it right. It probably is the problem of one of his suppliers. I will locate the business address of that firm and do the return for him. I will inform Santa of that particular supplier so that he doesn’t use them next year.

I noticed after I took a shower this morning that Santa forgot one of the items on my wish list. This is the umpteenth time he has forgotten. Every year, I ask for a new birthday suit and every year he forgets. I’m telling you, the birthday suit I have now is wrinkled and really beginning to wear out. Oh, well, I tend to be somewhat of a pack rat and keep everything much longer than it was designed to be kept. At least, this one still works for me, but, I’ll keep putting that wish on my Christmas list.

But I don’t despair, it is still a wonderful Christmas, the “rancher” and the “rancherette” sharing with each other. We share gifts with each other during the course of the year, but it seems that Christmas brings out the true meaning of giving, at least for me. I realize that others do not share the same Christmas celebrations that we as Christians do. For those who do not, I sincerely hope you find something (or someone) in your life to celebrate and when you do, make it special to the one you love. If it happens at this particular time of year, then, that’s just icing on the cake.

Well, it is time to begin the overindulging. I helped the “rancherette” in the kitchen by chopping onions and celery. That will pay off in the form of dressing later today. I love dressing, too. The “rancherette” is an expert at discussing with Santa what gifts to bring me, but she is also an expert at cooking and baking.. But in the meantime, I think I will start with the chocolate covered cherries. That is a tradition each year as well

I hope each of you have a very Merry Christmas.

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