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Chasing Dreams

I must apologize for my absenteeism from writing my blog. I have been so busy around my house and frankly, I was suffering from severe mental block. I could not find anything worth writing. That is until now. One of my nieces married the love of her life this past Saturday. Now that woke me up. Weddings usually cause the females in the crowd to cry. That certainly was the case this past Saturday. However, it worked on me as well. And I don’t apologize for that.

Shelby married a genuine real cowboy. Being a genuine real cowgirl, I never expected anything less. It was a terrific cowboy wedding.                                                                                                          All of my nieces are special to me and Shelby is the first of that generation to marry. I was honored to preview her in her wedding dress. You can see what a lovely bride she is.Image


In honor of Chase and Shelby and as a gift to them, I wrote a poem and I want to share it with the blog world. 

Chasing Dreams 

His Dream

When I was a child, I dreamed

of being a cowboy,

the kind you see in the movies.

I would wear a white hat and

a big belt buckle,

and my old flannel shirt

tucked in my blue denim jeans.

With my bandana tied around my neck,

I would saddle my horse

and ride across the prairie,

into the wind,

chasing my dream.

Somewhere out there

I would meet the girl of my dreams,

Fall madly in love and

Live happily ever after.

Her Dream

When I was a child, I dreamed

of being a cowgirl,

the kind you see in the movies.

I would wear a leather vest with

lots of fringe

and sparkling rhinestones

glistening on my belt.

I’d wear a cowgirl hat 

with a ponytail hairdo.

Saddling up my dusty colored bay,

I’d ride into the wind

Chasing my dream.

The winds are blowing

from somewhere out there

For the love of my life is

catching his dream.

Their Dream

No longer children who dream dreams,

of being cowboy and cowgirl,

The kind you see in the movies.

we grow older, but dreams

never go away, for

if you dream enough dreams,

they’re sure to come true.

together we mount our horses to ride

Across the prairies and into the wind.

Through deep valleys and over the hills,

Love is the strength of our way of life,

wherever the winds may blow. 

With matching bandanas and lots of fringe,

cowboy boots and faded blue jeans

Our horses are raring to go

We’re chasing new dreams.



                                                                                                Pete Robertson

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