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The Making of a Marriage

Much has been written and voiced about Marriage.  Max Lucado said, “God created Marriage. No government subcommittee envisioned it, no social organization developed it. Marriage was conceived and born in the mind of God.”  I’m pretty sure I could not improve on that.

I can, however, add these words. New Year’s Day does not usher in marriage, the Easter Bunny does not hide it to be found at a later time; Santa Claus does not put it under the Christmas tree, nor is it some patriotic theme for the 4th of July, although Cupid may be somewhat involved around St. Valentine’s Day.

But it is a cause for celebration. Marriage is much more than words. It comes with the desire of a woman and a man to blend two different lives into one. It comes with the awkwardness of learning to adapt, to compromise. It is like kindergarten, like learning to share what previously was not necessary. These steps cannot be forced upon the marriage partner. It is an innate quality in each individual that determines the future of the relationship, characteristic of a defining fascination between two persons.

To the naked eye, this writing does not seem to be much of a romance story. But it is and it is my story. As I sit and write this for publication, I want to inform the world that it is indeed a romantic look of my adorable spouse. Circumstances beyond our control brought us together. The loss of our previous spouses left a void in both of our lives and I am grateful to God for bringing us together and filling those voids.

On this day, May 15, nine years ago, two became one, not by accident, but by design. God, The Creator and Ultimate Designer set in motion the wheels of romance between the “Rancherette” and the “Rancherwriterpoet”. Among the pines of Central Arkansas, near Hot Springs, in a little log cabin, with a minister for the ceremony and his wife and their dog as witnesses, we exchanged vows and became Mr. and Mrs.  The moment we tied the knot was truly spectacular. And I share our Ninth Anniversary with the world.

The first time I really knew she was for me was when we met in Barnes and Noble. She was in the romance section and I admired her from the map section. Our eyes connected. We met and shared coffee at Starbucks inside the book store. After our meeting for the first time we strolled through the mall, where she purchased a set of coasters for her house. We went for lunch at “On the Border” restaurant. Then we took a long walk through a small park not far from the mall. As we strolled along the path, talking, admiring the early winter scenery, wondering about how quickly the day had passed, our eyes met and then our lips touched. What a moment of excitement and then came the Pomeranian.  You may be wondering about that Pomeranian, well, you will just have to keep wondering. Although I love dogs, I am not a fan of Pomeranians.

If She Were:

If she were a season, she would be Spring. With the blooms of flowers and the multitude of plants she has meticulously introduced into our landscape everywhere, she has beautified our surroundings. And as with her flowering creations, she enriches my life with her beauty.

If she were a rose, it would be a welcome addition to any garden, truly a rose garden. As petals fall, new stems produce new buds and she is like a new bud bringing forth a pleasing rose in my life. I could say she is my Yellow Rose of Texas.

If she were an automobile, she would be a red Corvette. Who cannot admire sleek perfection? The elegance and style of a Corvette would only be enhanced by her own elegance and style. She brings that elegance and style to my life.

If she were a deep blue sky, she would be admired by the whole world, for who cannot be happy with a deep blue sky. I see a blue sky every time I look at her.

If she were a bird she would be the songstress of the air. Singing beautiful songs of endearment would be the sounds I hear.

these are only a few words about our marriage. I could go on and on, but I think you get my meaning; It is the epitome of love. It rings true and is most welcome in my life. I would not have it any other way.

God does indeed provide opportunities to fall in love. I took advantage of one such divine circumstance nine years ago and so I say:

Happy Anniversary to Jennifer, the “Rancherette” of my life. I love you.


Number 7

In the world of superstition, the numeral seven is often thought of as a “lucky” number. Fortunes have been won and lost by the use of that number in games of chance. I never considered myself as a “lucky” person. I have never won any sort of prizes or contests. Usually, I do not enter any type of sweepstakes or lotteries. I do recall winning a football pool once. I suppose that would have been “luck”. I hear people describe the results of winning as the “luck of the draw.” In illustrating a winner, one could say, “you lucky dog!” On embarking on a particular venture, “Best of Luck” sometimes is conveyed. A shared meal with a group is often explained as “Potluck”. It has been said, “with any luck…” and so forth. As you begin reading this you may have gotten the idea this is about luck, not necessarily so.

December 2008, I had an encounter in a Barnes and Noble bookstore with a wonderful woman. This changed my life. I have heard scenarios such as this described as a “chance” encounter. I disagree. It was anything but “chance”. “Chance” implies that some sort of luck was involved. I do not believe that to be the case. However, it may be possible to describe it as fate. I much prefer to say I was “blessed”.
When my eyes caught up with her eyes, I was hooked. As I stood there in the map section, (I love reading maps, educational, you know), and she in the romance section, it was a defining moment.

I, being the male species, made the first move. I probably should have spent more time in the romance section. Not being a teenager for a long time, I was rusty at this sort of thing. I invited her for a cup of coffee, Starbucks coffee. That stuff will get your blood pressure rising. Mine was already on the increase. We began a wonderful conversation. We shared our similarities. Amazing how much we discovered in common. This coffee shop was in the mall, thus we walked and spent time window-shopping. I recall she bought a set of coasters.

After a second cup of coffee, she with a double shot of espresso, (not me, I was already wired) we decided to take a walk through a local park. As we walked, we both knew this was a special moment in time. We were completely enjoying our time together, (except for the Pomeranian which was “bad luck”).

Finishing our day, we had lunch at On the Border Café. It seems that Mexican food is probably our most favorite meal. The time raced by. I did not want this day to end. Sadly, it did. However, it was the beginning of a very true romance, the kind you might read in the romance section at Barnes and Noble bookstore. I could see this coming back when I was in the map section.

May 15, 2016, we will celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary and counting. It is impossible to list all the wonderful experiences we have enjoyed over these past seven years.

So, through this brief article and very publicly, I am expressing my love for this woman, sometimes affectionately referred to as “The Rancherette”, but always my wife Jennifer. Happy Anniversary to my helpmate, my sweetheart, my constant companion, my soul mate and yes, my playmate. Come to think of it, maybe, I did get lucky after all. I know for sure I am blessed. The God of my beliefs put all this in motion and I am grateful. His plan is perfect, like the number 7.

To be continued:

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