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No Harley’s in Heaven

To those who follow my blog, I beg forgiveness. I have not posted anything since August. I could make excuses, however, but you would see through  them. I have been in a funk, lately. It seems a reality check about living and dying jolted me into writing this post. I have been thinking about such things and this kind of put it in perspective. I hope you can understand my reasoning for posting it.

No Harley’s  in Heaven

Last week, a pair of friends, husband and wife, Darlene and Joe, rode their Harley Davidson into Heaven. It was a destination they were not expecting to make that day. Many years ago, they had planned ahead for just such an event. They just were not expecting to go last Friday. However, their bags had been packed for that journey a long time ago. So, they were ready. It was on their bucket list. Bucket list, complete!

I first met this couple in 2010.  My wife and I were former class members in Sunday School with Joe and Darlene. We moved away from the area in 2011. Consequently, I did not know them very long. Unfortunately and to my regret, we had not kept up with them. I do fondly remember both as witty, down-to-earth human beings who never met a stranger. They were dedicated to their Christian beliefs and I admired them immensely. 

Joe always had a story to tell and with each rendering, one could see the twinkling in his eyes and the grin on his face. You could never tell if what he was sayings was the gospel truth or just a fanciful explanation of whatever subject he was reciting, unless, of course, he was describing the actual Gospel. Joe was faithful in that regard. 

Darlene liked her Bling-Bling. She was always well dressed, at least, every time I saw her. She was a lovely person, both outside and inside. Joe and Darlene were truly dedicated Christians. There hearts were in the right place. They were always willing to offer a hand to someone in need.

People of all walks of life enjoy many diversions from everyday life experiences. Joe and Darlene enjoyed life to the fullest. Motorcycles were a passion and they never missed a chance to experience the road noises and the wind blowing across their bikes. The loved the company of others along for those same experiences. They took time to enjoy the lighter side. They were like that.

I’m pretty sure there are no Harley Davidsons in Heaven. However, I don’t believe that will make a difference to Joe or Darlene. When they made plans to go there, it wasn’t a Harley that they relied on. It was the Holy Savior. A Harley Davidson may have been the earthly vehicle that took them there, but it was a Savior that led the way. Inseparable in this life, inseparable in Heaven! It seems fitting that they rode into Heaven together.

Do you suppose that St. Peter told them that no motorcycles are allowed in Heaven? Methinks they already knew that. However, on the off chance there could be, Joe would be the one to ride in with Darlene perched behind him. Ride on, my friends; you made a difference here.

Have a nice day.

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One thought on “No Harley’s in Heaven

  1. jackie on said:

    This year has been one of those memorable for those who left us and arrived in Heaven. Memorable for them and for us as their presence is definitely missed here on earth. But I can imagine how those who went before them were so glad to welcome them home.

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