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The Three Stages of Life (In our Backyard)

Shortly after the first of every New Year, many writers sometimes want to stop and reflect on the happenings of the past year. Me, I have a problem with remembering the events that happened the past twenty-four hours, let alone the previous 12 months. Now, I am not one to pick on the mature generation, after all I am a charter member, (of an elder generation, not a maturity level).
So we will dispense with the reflections of yesteryear and focus on what is happening today, January 2, 2015.
I call it “The Three Stages of Life (in our backyard)

Around our home, we have varying degrees of maturity. For example, yesterday, the hatchery introduced a “peep” of ten baby chicks. Newly hatched chicks are called a “peep” or “clutch”. Quite ingenious to name a group of birds “peep”. Wish I’d thought of that. They had just enough “maturity” to break out of their shells and begin the process of life in the fowl world.
At this stage, we do not yet know which birds are cockerels and which are pullets. It isn’t like determining the difference between a male and female puppy. One cannot just roll the bird over and look underneath.
Baby chicks must be taught how to eat and drink and since the Mother Hen (AKA, rancherette) is good at teaching old dogs new tricks, I believe she is very capable of teaching new birds old tricks. It is my privilege to allow her that discretion. That would be a bit of maturity on my part, you know, old dog, new trick. So, this is our nursery and the First Stage of Life (in our backyard).

On to the kindergarten group. There are nine birds in this group. They are not yet out of the “peep” stage, but not into the “big chick” flock, either. Sort of like a youngster turning thirteen going on twenty-one. (Where they think they know everything). These birds range in age from five to six weeks and are beginning to feather out nicely. Because they are Silkies, their skin is black and you can see their flesh through the feathers of the lightly colored chicks.
They are like five-year-old children; do NOT want to share anything. And they will NOT take direction from anyone. Of course, there is dissension among these birds however; the “Mother Hen” is still the mothering type. I can hear her now, “You two stop that fighting; wait ‘till your father gets home, etc…” Have you ever heard that before? Hmmmmmm, maybe I do remember some things from my past. That counts for maturity, doesn’t it?
Soon these birds will be ready to move next door to the “big chick” pen. It will be like a middle schooler moving to high school. (where they think they know everything) While in this pen, they can observe the happenings of the “big chicks”. They should learn from their elders, as if that ever happens.
But such is the Second Stage of Life (in our backyard)

And speaking of the “big chick” pen, there are six hens and one rooster in that group. We can officially call this group a flock. This is when a chick becomes an adult, (where they think they know everything,) and is now past the age of thirty-seven. I’ve noticed this trait in our kennel dogs as well. In fact, this even sounds a lot like human characteristics. Maybe it hits closer to home than I imagined.
Most of these “big chicks” have names and are quite proficient at laying eggs. Well, obviously not the rooster, he is so busy annoying the hens that he wouldn’t take the time to lay an egg even if he could. However, he does “lay” it on pretty thick. He also does a good job of protecting his harem. He encourages them on egg-laying procedures. He wards off evil spirits; you should see his voodoo dance, and he makes sure they have an abundant supply of mealworms. Occasionally, he mistakes the legs of the “rancherette” for a wayward hen and has to be brought back to the real world. That, perhaps, is a lack of maturity on his part.
So, those are the Three Stages of Life (in our backyard) for today. I’m thinking of making a video of these happenings in our backyard. I am going to call it “The Big Chick Flick Trick.” Sounds a bit mature, don’t you think?

To_Do or not To-do,

It is December 27, 2014. This may be the last time I write that date, for 2015 is standing around the back corner of the garage on the north side just waiting to pounce onto the scene. The temperature is about 40 degrees and the prevailing north wind is whirling about, at 30+ miles per hour, thereby giving us a wind chill of 20+ degrees. The pond lost much of its water in the summer due to the drought however, what remains has white caps. I realize that some live in much colder places, but this is Texas and we do things a bit differently. All seven Standard Poodles are reclining inside their warm kennel buildings. The Silkie Chickens, on the other hand, are wandering about outside their pens, scratching and pecking as if it were 80 degrees. But what do they know? Pea-brained fowl, such as they are. So, that part of 2014 I am anxious to leave behind.

As 2015 approaches, everyone should be thinking about the coming year and what they hope to accomplish. If that means a resolution list, then for those of you who do such a thing, now is the time. Me, I never make a resolution list. Why make such a list only to fail at keeping even the hint of whatever you thought needed to be on such a list in the first place. But I leave that up to you.

However, I did make a to-do list. Or, should I say, the list is made for me. For the novice, or unmarried, a to-do list is not the same as a resolution list. A to-do list is simply a plan of action conceived by a superior authority, while a resolution list is make-believe stuff. Such as, “I probably should resolve to cut back on my sugar”, but I am not putting that on any such list. The doctor does it for me.

This past year, I had so many things on my to-do list that I lost count way back in February. I did remember Valentine’s Day. That bought me a little time. But not to fret, I will eventually catch up.

I have also noticed that if something on the to-do list is not accomplished for that particular year, it doesn’t just disappear, it reappears onto the next year’s list. I do not think that is fair. Just because a certain someone has such an excellent memory does not mean that everyone does. If for some reason, (a really, good reason and not just an excuse) something cannot be completed,  then all should be forgiven, don’t you think. Fair is fair.

I foresee with some certainty, that anything to do with Silkie Chickens will be on that to-do list for 2015. Or, some type of remodel, or any number of ways to keep me current and up-to-date with the latest contraption that we need around our place.  The “rancherette” is very proficient at discovering new things for us “to-do” together.

I look forward to learning what lies in store for me on the new to-do list, as long as it does not contain any reference to my eating habits. I can’t wait, I am so excited.

In the meantime, I may give in and make one resolution for 2015. I may resolve to read the to-do list in its entirety, this year. If I do, then that’s progress. You, on the other hand, should pay attention to whatever list you come across.

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