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My Flag is Still Flying

Memories can evoke a wide variety of thoughts. They have a way of inducing our mind back to a time when life was simpler, or so we believe. A statement by an old friend or an old photo can stir emotions and reverberate up and down your spine, from the bottom to the top, eventually reaching the frontal lobe. It is this part of the brain that suggests we look back on our life and of those who made it possible. Thus, it is very appropriate on this Veteran’s Day that we remind ourselves of those events of years past and of those who still serve.

None could have made it more possible than the veterans of military service. I think of my father, J.C. Morrison, who did not enter military service in WWII, but served in a civilian capacity at Dow Chemical in Freeport, Texas. I think of my Father-in-Law, Lucious Maddux, serving in a construction battalion in the South Pacific, better known as SeaBees. I think of my uncle Homer Morrison, who served in the U.S. Army in the European forces. He served throughout the war effort without a scratch only to be killed in a tornado six months after the war’s end. These three individuals served in different parts of the world yet with the same goals in mind. Freedom! There are countless numbers of veterans who served and many lost their lives. You know someone who did. I pay tribute to your friends, acquaintances, family members and to you for that service.

And I think of those from my home town who served and those who lost their lives during the Vietnam War. From Palestine, Tx:


“Young men, most around my age or younger, who fought for our freedoms and as I have said in “My Flag is Flying, is Yours?” took my place. Had I been born only a few years later, I would have been in Vietnam. With each news report of casualties, I hurt. I lost shipmates, classmates and family members. My country was at war.

Today, I feel humbled each time I see or hear of any veteran who passes from this life. Yet, Vietnam holds a special place in my heart, not because I served, but because someone else did and I know that person took my place.”

Take a moment today and remind yourselves of the heroic actions of our military men and women. They deserve the honor and respect. And to those who are serving today, my hat’s off to you. God Bless and thank you.

Independence Day

We are in the midst of a presidential election year as if you did not know. The candidates are very exuberant about what they plan to do if they are elected. I am not lauding one candidate over another in this piece, although as we say in the south, I have my “druthers”. I would “druther” speak to what this day means to me

Today is an official holiday. People around the world should celebrate this day. I know I do. On March 2, 1836, an event occurred that still reverberates today. One hundred and eighty years ago, Texians, who were non-Hispanic residents of Coahuila y Tejas, (soon to be the Republic of Texas), declared their independence from Mexico. I am a Texan by birth. I celebrate this day.

Recently, the state of Texas passed a law allowing fireworks to be sold for this day. This is in addition to Christmas and new Year celebrations and the Fourth of July. I have always thought it odd that we can shoot off fireworks only on certain days of the year. Normally, I am not a person who spends money on something to burn on purpose although I may make an exception for this occasion. This is a big deal. I’m not just blowing smoke.

However, the independence of Texas was not immediate. It was in dispute until April 21, 1936, when at the battle of San Jacinto the Texians defeated the Mexican General Antonio López de Santa Anna, after the ill-fated Alamo siege.

I do not pretend to be any Texas historian and do not want to make this a Texas History lesson however; it is extremely interesting to me. I recommend you research it and discover the unique position that Texas has in the history books of the United States.

It just so happens that I will be in La Grange, Texas, this coming weekend. This is in close proximity to the position of General Sam Houston on March 16, 1836, when he received additional troops for his march to San Jacinto. This is also the place where many Texas heroes are interred. In fact, many sites through this region reflect on the historic places of Texas history. If and when you have an opportunity, it would be a fantastic road trip to tour this area.

For me, this truly is an historic day. I hope that you will in someway discover the historic values of your place of residence. They may be just as exciting to you as this is to me. And in the words of the Texians at San Jacinto, “Remember the Alamo, Remember Goliad”. It all began on March 2, 1836.

Thanks for allowing me to share some of my heritage with you.

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