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I Confess

I confess. I’m not a mother. I am not qualified to be a mother. I have no idea of what is required to be a mother. I do not have the grit a mother has. As a father, I can relate to a connection with my children, however, only a mother can truly understand the bond between themselves and their offspring.

This bond has endurance. It reaches to the depths of their soul. It has a tenacity that goes beyond this world. Time cannot erase it. Circumstances cannot dictate it. It is there, it is permanent. It is indelible.

Mothers have a strength that goes beyond the flexing of muscles. It is an inner strength. Taking multi-vitamins will not acquire it. No B12 shots can fortify it. No muscle-relaxers can decrease the resolve in their heart.

Mothers have a resilient spirit and a buoyant toughness.  Necessary attributes required of such an individual. They have the flexibility to administer discipline in whatever fashion the misdeed deserves, but always in the name of love. When all else fails, a mother will say, “wait until your father gets home,”   upon which when he does he will promptly say, “Whatever your mother says.” If a crisis erupts, they can quickly spring into action. If obstructions pop up, she can shove them out of the way.

This is supposed to be a day of honor and tribute for mothers. Picnics are planned, events scheduled, worship services at your church, all to celebrate a mother. Maybe you have a special moment to wish your mother a great Mother’s Day. Go visit her, call her, I hope you at least sent her a card.

Lest I forget, it is also a day of remembrance for those who have passed on. My mothers (yes, I had a biological mother and an adopted mother) have both passed on. I miss them. My children miss their mother. There are mothers around the world who miss their children. No matter the circumstance a mother’s love for her children is forever. It cannot be deleted or edited from the equation. Life is not always what we expect or desire. On Mother’s Day it is much more significant than any other day of the year.

I am not a mother. However, somehow, I am going to try to think like a mother. I admit it is probably impossible, but I am going to try. Until then, I take my hat off to mothers everywhere and especially to the mothers I know. We who surround you love you.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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