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Old-Fashioned? Maybe!

Perhaps I am old-fashioned, but lately, I have been noticing more and more, that the language in use today is not the language I was used to hearing when I was a child. I readily admit to my age in years and the year I am now living and notice the difference. Times have changed, for sure.

I may not be the most gifted writer, do not always use correct grammar, punctuation, etc., however, it seems  clear to me, that we as a more informed population have succumbed to writing everything in acronyms.  Even acronyms for profanity and vulgar language are now in vogue. With the proliferation of texting, it is more evident that ever. At least, one has to use their imagination as to what it means.

But more and more, those “naughty” words are spelled out and pronounced orally. And it all seems perfectly normal. We have lost our integrity and moral compass when it comes to the use of language in our communication skills.

I learned at an early age, that the use of such language indicated a lack of command of the English language. In other words, the foul words proceeding from our mouths show that we cannot converse in a manner of grammatical intelligence. We do not know the proper words to use and we put in their place the nouns, adjectives and verbs we never learned in the classroom. What a shame! I cannot blame this on an educational premise, for our teachers do not teach this. (or at least, not when I went to school). This is, pure and simple, “street language.” Also known as “gutter language”.

Public figures from the Vice-president to actors, from Academy Award winners to rap stars, from newscasters to the average person on the street, see nothing wrong with the use of foul language in communicating to one another or describing a situation and/or event.

Media persons think nothing of using those certain “four letter words” as shock value. Newsflash! It doesn’t shock anyone anymore. It is commonplace. Even the FCC sees nothing wrong with a celebrated baseball player using such words at a public event, before a worldwide audience, with children present. While I certainly think his reason for his public thoughts was justified, his foul language was not.

As a subscriber to social media, I have, on more than one occasion deleted a post, even from a friend, that displays such language. I have been “un-friended” because of my objection at the language. I suppose what shocks me more than anything, is the use of such language by the females. Of course, I would not deny the opposite gender to use their freedom of speech, equally.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have been exposed to “salty” language, even used it on occasion, after all I was a member of the U.S. Navy. But “salty” language in everyday usage, well, that just never happened in my day. And never in mixed company! Even the word, “damn” would have been cause for getting my mouth washed out with soap. I can still taste the Lava.

I will not judge those who take offense at my post. After all, they do enjoy freedom of speech. I can understand that. I also understand that the use of such language is not going away. I suppose I will have to choose to skip over such language when I hear it or see it in print.

Hopefully, you will understand my objections.

And, that is my vent for the day.


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One thought on “Old-Fashioned? Maybe!

  1. jackie on said:

    Well my friend, I certainly agree with you. I know there are many emails some think are so cute with their foul language and also their foul concepts. They usually go in the trash bin without much adieu here in my house.
    There are times when I myself have written a damn or two when writing of the ‘new ways and avenues’ our present administration is taking us. Sorry if that offends anyone.
    When I was younger and I heard anything that wasn’t just plain language, I would say a little prayer for those that fouled the air with dirty words. I would just say, “they didn’t really mean what they said.” Later I decided they really did mean it and left them out of my life.
    But I am tired of hearing the rap with swear words and would love to hear a world like we used to hear years ago. It was a sweeter world then. And I for one do miss it. Just like the generations before us used to do the same.
    Hugs to you and Jen,

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