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Morning Dew

I have spent the better part of the summer with grandkids, graduations, weddings, funerals,  reunions, our dogs, (God love ‘em all) antiquing throughout East Texas, and just trying to keep cool. The one thing I have not done is writing.

So, I have turned over a new leaf. (we’ll see) I have written two poems this past week. I am posting one today. I think it works for me.

I heard a song this past week, titled “When Teardrops Kiss the Morning Dew”. It is a blue grass tune by Alison Krauss, a very favorite singer of mine. It got me to thinking, not entirely about teardrops kissing the morning dew, but about THE Morning Dew.

When you think about nature, it doesn’t take long to discover how much we do not know. Obviously, there are many who have very different opinions about nature than I do. For example, some would have us believe we evolved from the sea. I question that, but then, I am not a scientist. My belief system says to me, that I was created in the image of the Father. That would be the Lord God Almighty..

If I am to believe that, then it doesn’t take long for me to describe nature in the terms of Who put everything together in this world. So, when I am speaking of THE Morning Dew, you can perhaps conclude that I am speaking about God.

Anyway, with thanks to Alison Krauss for the muse, I post this in my blog. I hope you enjoy.


Morning Dew

We try to hide the teardrops

that sometimes comes our way.

Wipe them from our eyes

and hope they’ll stay away.


Some say the Morning Dew

Gives moisture from the sky

I hope it draws the moisture

from my teary eye.


If teardrops count as troubles,

then Lord, I’ve shed a few.

I wonder if my teardrops

will taste the Morning Dew.


Sometimes I sense a bit of trouble

Before it comes my way.

I’m wondering if my teardrops

will complicate my day.


Some say the Morning Dew

can heal a shriveled land.

If that be true, dear Lord,

Then touch me with Your Hand.


When my tears start falling,

Lord, let me hear from you,

I wonder if my teardrops

will taste the Morning Dew.


                                                                                                    Pete Robertson 


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One thought on “Morning Dew

  1. jackie turner on said:

    Gosh what a beautiful poem, Pete. Thanks for sharing it.
    When I think of the morning dew, I think of the morning when I saw dew drops placed evenly on a spider web. They looked like pearls, some large and some small. I lived in Missouri then, and was so saddened with what life had handed me. That one scene lifted me out of the blue funk and I have never forgotten the beauty and peace that filled my heart that day.
    And when I look at all the beautiful cosmos and all the different colors and shapes and sizes of gases and planets, and all the stars ~ I know without a shadow of a doubt ~ we have a Father in Heaven who loves us very much, more than we can ever imagine.
    And I know I didn’t come from slime either. The ones who believe they did must have a strange way of thinking, as certainly their thoughts appear to be filled with muck.
    Thanks for the beauty of the poem and the beauty of the words and their connotations. God bless….Jackie

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