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Reveal the Story

Somewhere in the intuitive consciousness of an artist, lie smoldering images raging to escape.These burning desires cannot be extinguished. Instead, they motivate, inspire, they consent.

Just as words from the poet must yield to pen put to paper, descriptive phrases must emanate, for the intellect of the mind forebodes any alternative. So too, must the imaginative creations of an artist, submit to that certain artistic flair.

 Art and Poetry are equally relational, a dual commitment that must be illuminated. Both yearn for display, both tell a story, the adherent must look within the words and beyond the paint to reach the story. If not, then the tenacity of existence will not serve us in the narrative of life. The canvas will not, the page will not, stimulate nor inspire.

 If, in the mere thought of adaptation, we should parlay our observations into reality, the imprint will forever be burned into our psyche. If left only to our own moods and without substance, the passion aroused in each of us; for art, for poetry, that passion will simply be figments of indifference.

Indifference will not serve the mind, at least not well. It makes neither rational nor irrational decisions. It is merely a confirmation of a blasé attitude. In fact, that preference will subjugate the mind to an impractical continuance that will challenge the mental capacity of the individual. The idealism that is inherent, I believe from birth, disintegrates rapidly when indifference becomes the norm.

Being a poet and a writer, I would hope I could rise to the occasion; that I should write each day as if that day would be my last day to write. I hope I would use all the verbs and nouns, the grammar, all the tools of a writer’s bag, to put to paper those expressions in word form that would expand the mind, even so much as to titillate the reader. I hope not to offend anyone, but to inspire, enthuse, even awaken a slumbering poet that may be only a pen away from expressing those pent-up emotions.

As for the emerging artist, rise to the occasion; paint as if today would be your last day to paint. Use all the tools of the trade; the brushes, the oils, acrylics, watercolors, use the palette to project from your mind those bits and pieces, those snippets and scraps that only you can see, that, is until they come together when placed on the canvas.

Those who view your works of art, must decide for themselves their proclivity for your talent. But you will have shared your vision and your creativeness. For who knows whom your creativity will inspire?

Reveal the story, through art or words, the choice is yours.

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One thought on “Reveal the Story

  1. jackie turner on said:

    Wow, what great words of inspiration greeted me when I opened up your blog!
    Since I had been babysitting all day (7 to 4), I hadn’t thought so much about writing, just the baby and how to inspire her.
    Her babbling ‘Hi!’ to those over the phone for the first time so you could understand her and her coloring in the picture book were our gifts to the universe this morning.
    And the blessings I ask from the Lord for that little one each day so that her life may take His trail of love and joy and not the world’s path to destruction, hate, and ignorance ~ these are a part of each day.
    The rain we so badly needed graced my pasture today and although the cows looked wetter than they’ve been in a long time, the winter rye will be there for them now, and I thank the Lord for blessing us thus.
    And I thank Him for your words of inspiration and I thank you as well.
    I will get on with my writing, as I have been putting off many words that need to be shared.
    God bless and hugs to you and Jenny,


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