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These Changing Times

I must say, I have been absent from the blog for a period of time. It has not been my fault. Remodeling an old farmhouse does take its toll occasionally. The entire kitchen is in a state of turmoil. Having an eat-in kitchen with no formal dining room has its merits yet also its shortcomings. It is convenient for us, yet, our guests, if more than three or four, must locate a place on the sofa or the easy chairs for a meal.

Sometime back, we purchased some folding TV trays. This serves as a personal table for some and some may choose the fireplace hearth as a seating area. We did place a cushion on the hearth, so their backsides are comfortable and they can place their plate on their lap. However, this doesn’t work well if there is a fire in the fireplace.

In order to reduce the trepidation in my home over the lack of space, I decided to build a banquette-seating booth. If you are unfamiliar with that term, think of the booth at a 1950’s diner. This eliminated the need for a round dining table and consequently we gained some space. That was the primary purpose.

Since the new/old seating area resembles that ‘50’s period of time, we took it a step further. We refinished the cabinets in the “retro” style as well. We (actually I mean the painter to whom I am betrothed) painted the upper cabinets white, with the edges rubbed to give it that “retro” or antique feeling. Then the lower cabinets were refinished in black, also with the rubbed antique style.

The missus is decorating in “retro” as well. She located a reproduction of a table-top jukebox, the type where you insert a quarter and select your choice of music. This is actually an am/fm radio with a cassette player. Cassette Player? That certainly seems retro nowadays. We installed it on the wall next to the banquette-seating area. Too bad it does not accept quarters any more, I could begin to replace some of the money I am spending on this remodel.

The antique crank telephones (2) are mounted at each corner of the room. This gives it another effect. I should have installed a pay phone, one more way I could possibly pay for this remodel.

Remodeling this area of the kitchen leads to the replacement of the countertop. That will be ceramic tile. I know tile is not that much in style, granite being the current choice, but we are creating our own piece of history. According to HGTV, ceramic is out and granite is in, however,ceramic is cyclical, it comes and goes, while granite will soon go the way the avocado and harvest gold appliances went, never to return. I certainly hope they do not make a reappearance.

Replacing the countertop means the floor will need to be replaced. The pink and gold vinyl flooring appears to be “retro” however, the only way I can describe it is to say it is ugly. So, it will be covered in ceramic tile as well. As you can see, it has been very busy around “this old house”.

I cannot wait until this project is completed. Sometime around the turn of the next century, I suppose. When it is all analyzed, it never stops. And well it shouldn’t, after all, change keeps us rooted in this life.

However, in the next life, my home will never need repairs or change, it’s perfect. Besides, Heaven does not allow remodeling to any degree. I hope!

Have a great day. Stay tuned, more chapters of “this old house” are coming.

© Pete Robertson

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One thought on “These Changing Times

  1. jackie turner on said:

    Sounds like this old house is coming along very nicely and very prettily.
    It will definitely be one to show off, so I for one can hardly wait to see the outcome.
    Today is a day of work for me again. Last Saturday it was the refrigerator copper icemaker line that went haywire. This week it was the 50 gallon aquarium that has about a thousand guppies in it that turned sour from my overfeeding them ~ being away from the house from about 6 a.m. to the same in the p.m. does not make for any happy campers here ~ espcially the guppies who are used to more feedings in a day.
    catching that many guppies is time consuming. But counting them is worse. rofl I didn’t count them. But felt like I had by the time I got to where I am now with about five left.
    If you have never cleaned a fifty gallon tank, I must warn you that I would prefer the painting of the retro cabinets. lol
    God bless, and thanks for the update on the house. It sounds great!

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