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His Roots Run Deep

A few weeks ago, I posted an article about birthdays. Actually, it was about my failure to remember birthdays. Not my own birthday, I have a unique ability to remember that one, just not others. I do not know why that is, unless I am being reminded of the fragility of growing older. At my age, I can confess that there are many more years behind me than before me.

However, the subject of birthdays has come up again. I have a great grandson who will celebrate his 1st birthday on Labor Day weekend. (someone told me) He has a big party planned with many family members coming. Well, his parents are actually planning it. It will not even show up on his radar screen. He is the first great grandson of my generation, at least in my family. He is the first grandson, the first nephew, the first 2nd cousin; all told, he is first in many categories. He is special.

Since September 4, 2010, times have been very tumultuous, what with tornados, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts, wildfires, and hurricanes, and Judah’s first year. However, that is not necessarily what I would like him to remember. It is an historical year, of course, but I would want him to know his heritage, of those from which he came.

I would want him to know that his 8x great-grandfather, Reverend Dr. William Morrison, born in Scotland in 1748, settled in New Hampshire around 1781, was ordained by the New York Presbytery, February 12, 1783 and became pastor of the Presbyterian Church of the West Parish, now known as Londonderry, N.H. His roots run deep.

I would want him to know, that he is a very blessed young man to be born in the great United States of America. That he can be anything he wants to be because of the freedoms established in 1776. He must realize that freedom is not given lightly, that there is a duty to uphold those freedoms. His ancestor, Dr. William Morrison, lived in a state that has “live free or die” as its motto. His New England roots run deep.

While the times are very different today from when I was his age, I can only imagine what they may be like when he reaches my age. I would hope he would still be living in the home of the free. Whether he desires to be a doctor, lawyer, preacher, mechanic, carpenter, (like his old great grandpa Pete) or even a politician, it is possible, if he still lives in the land of the free. All of those professions and occupations lie in his ancestral background. His roots run deep.

I would want him to know about other ancestors who passed through Louisiana, staying awhile, becoming “Cajuns”, before finally moving on to the great state of Texas. There is a lot to be said about sausage gumbo and “crawfish etoffee” before attacking a smoked brisket and TexMex. His “Acadian” (Cajun) roots run deep.

I would want him to know that Texas is the greatest state in the union. I am sure there will be disagreement about that, however, it is my blog and Judah is my great grandson. There are those in his family who were not born in Texas, but they got here as soon as they could. He is an authentic Texan. His Texas roots  runs deep.

I would want him to know about his parents, his grandparents and of the bloodlines of his ancestors, those who fought in wars, those who paid the ultimate price in those wars, those who discovered new horizons, those who mentored and educated, and those who lived their lives in a simple fashion. His roots run deep.

I would want him to know his Christian heritage. That personal beliefs can and do play a part of the makeup of each individual. That personal integrity, honesty, and sincerity, coupled with compassion and a belief in God, The Holy Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, will provide him with a secure knowledge of a strong faith. That will carry him far into the life before him. His Christian roots run deep.

Judah, I could tell you  stories about a proud great grandfather (me), your great-great grandfather and even your great-great-great grandfather. Perhaps, someday I will have that opportunity. Until then, young man, enjoy your childhood, cherish the years of your youth,  they all  pass only too quickly, but your roots run deep.

Judah, this is what I would want you to know.                                                             Grandpa Pete

Have a great day

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2 thoughts on “His Roots Run Deep

  1. jackie turner on said:

    What a great tribute to the past and to the future, Pete! So great to know there is a great grandfather who will be there for him and will help him uncover the many blessings and joys of living free.
    Good to know you have New England roots as well.
    My father’s people were from Massachusetts and my mother’s people came from North Carolina. Of course, early in the settlement years of our great country her great grand parents’ wagon tracks made it to Illinois, turning off from their trek to Texas with the other Scots who made it to Illinois, leaving the others to go on to Texas.
    Original settlers of Illinois, a state I came to dislike due to the graft even while I was a youngster and especially when I heard of a state called Texas, I also got here as fast as I could.
    They say, whoever they is, that those of us who had original ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War will be the ones who will fight harder for our freedoms than those who did not, and so will our progeny. So, may God blesss all of us who carry this heritage. And…
    God bless all of us who made it through this far, and may we all fight to continue to live under these freedoms, whether through the political realm or in real combat if necessary, and may we live our lives as the Lord would have us!
    Thanks for a great blog! Jackie

  2. Jennie Robertson on said:

    What a sad day this turned out to be for the two of us ! A very unexpected automobile accident sure sidelined the birthday plans. Thank God that we are both alive even though our car will probably be totaled by the insurance company. One thing I will attest to: the big square airbag on the passenger side of the Cadillac did a number on my old body ! Every day something new hurts and I keep wondering if it will ever go away. Judah will surely have to have this written into his baby book ! Sure hope he had a wonderful day and received lots of gifts, delicious cake and ice cream and saved a hug and kiss for his Great Grandfather, Pete !!!!!

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