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Random Thoughts

 I lay in bed last night with thoughts running through my head about my next post. I had the perfect scenario with several different ideas merging. Then I turned over and went to sleep. Now this morning I cannot remember any of those concepts.

Thus, I am sitting before this computer drawing a dull blank and trying to remember even just a small trigger of recollection. I am typing words as they flow from my brain to my computer. Some words are coming from my brain, i.e. hummingbird, holidays, sightseeing, condolences, and activities, just to name a few. What they have in common is anyone’s guess and I haven’t a clue.

I am sure it would have been a story worth reading, if only I could remember. I suppose you, the readers, are never caught in situations like this.

In order to adjust to my circumstances, I obviously turned to the internet. I typed in “how to remember”, and 361,000,000 results popped up. That is 1,805,000 pages. I would be here for three + years if I looked at each page. I stopped after five pages. However, I did read several articles about how to improve memory and recall. I have listed eight that may be of some use to you, that is, if you have difficulty in remembering stuff.

“It’s an age old tried and tested method but write things down”     Duh, I know that, and of course, I know that as a writer, when the muse attacks, I am supposed to get up out of bed and reach for my computer or put my thoughts on paper so I won’t forget them the next morning. If I had done that, this article would be a completely different one.

“Go over it again and again until you remember it”  Imagine that! Go over it ‘again and again’. Just what did you think I was doing?

How to get pregnant fast – things to remember. I decided on skipping that one. Because at my age (and gender), it does not apply. However, if you are so inclined the website is: http://www.zimbio.com/articles/ Just copy and paste in your browser. There are several pages on this subject.

“The human brain thinks in pictures”   I don’t think I got the picture. My brain’s battery was weak and didn’t receive it.

The human brain remembers wild and outrageous things easier than the mundane. I suppose this could account for my lack of recollection about last night’s thoughts. They apparently were not wild and outrageous. I guess if my thoughts would have included a freight train lumbering down the tracks on its way to Chattanooga, Tennessee from Portland Oregon, with a load of cow manure, I would have remembered that. Otherwise, it’s just a load of …

“The brain needs a trigger. Something needs to initiate the recall”  I seem to recall that was the name of Roy Roger’s horse and he had him stuffed when he died. I think I would have remembered that if it had been one of my thoughts from last night. I do recall “Happy Trails to You”.

“How to Never Forget Anything Again ”   I especially liked this article. This writer says there is an APP for that. Trouble is, I use an ancient wireless phone that does only one thing. Does not have games, no camera for photographing, no texting capabilities and certainly does not have apps. It is only an ancient wireless phone. I forgot to mention, when it rings, it sounds like a telephone. How unique is that?

Nourish Your Brain: This is one of the simplest ways to improve your memory. Your brain functions well better if you properly feed it regularly with protein-rich foods such as fish, beans, and nuts.”    I think I just hit upon my problem. I am not properly feeding my brain. Well, maybe, I did have a great tuna salad with grapes, cheese and Club crackers for dinner last night. That takes care of the fish and I had a Hershey bar before going to bed last night. It had almonds so at least I got the nuts. I missed out on the beans, however. You are probably reading this and believing I am nuts for even writing this article.

There was one other very interesting suggestion, called Mnemonics. (nĭ-mŏn’ĭks) n. (used with a sing. verb). A system to develop or improve the memory. Now that bears further investigation. Stay tuned.

I wish I could have remembered my thoughts from last night. I just know it would have been very informative. Tomorrow morning, see if you can remember what your thoughts are from the night before. I dare you. Post them if you do.                                        © 2011

Have a great day.

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One thought on “Random Thoughts

  1. jackie turner on said:

    That is one super diagnosis for the sleeping mem losses ~ I have had so many great stories, especially the ones that are scary ~ and always awaken to a blank mind ready to fill it with today’s chores, or so it seems.
    Perhaps I should learn to talk in my sleep and have a voice activated recorder ready and waiting, but I doubt that would work, as the batteries would probably be dead waiting for the one night when there was something to report.
    I have tried awakening in the middle of the night and writing down the word or a few words about my dreams that are so real, but they never catch the essence of what the dream really was about, and I have to give it up. So there you are again, or I am. lol
    God bless ~ Jackie

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