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Events Unfolding As We Speak

I am fascinated by the hub blah of receiving a surprise birthday party. How can you possibly anticipate a birthday party if you know nothing about it? The surprise last only for the moment, the anticipation lasts much longer, thus more enjoyable. Now for those who plan the party? They receive the most enjoyment. They anticipate the moment of surprise. The joy is in the anticipation.

Funny thing about birthdays, they come around every year. I recall when I was a child they came about so infrequently. A year was a very long time to wait in between birthdays. And eventually, when it did arrive, the day went by so fast. Soon it was forgotten until it came closer to time for the next one. However, at my age today, impending birthdays are simply on a track that equals the speed of light. I’m not complaining. Just saying…

There was a time when I could remember the birthdays of all my children and grandchildren. Now I have to stop and think of the birthdays of my grandchildren’s spouses. In our family, there are nieces and nephews to remember. And their kids and their kid’s spouses. Even a great-grandson has been added to the mix. Then comes along a step-daughter and her spouse and lest I forget, the step-grandkids. They aren’t old enough to have spouses. yet! Thank goodness. And I’m supposed to remember all of these?

If my spouse’s birthday wasn’t on the same day as mine, (Now that was a stroke of luck)  I would probably forget that one too. My wedding anniversary is on the same day as my wife. I do still remember that. so far. That’s another story. However, it is getting harder to remember my own birthday, let alone, those of everyone listed above.

According to Oscar Wilde, “The old believe everything; the middle-aged suspect everything: the young know everything.”  I’ve been to all those places, just not in that order. I might paraphrase that this way, “the old forget everything, the middle-aged remembers everything, the young suspects everything.”  I think Sgt. Schultz, from Hogan’s Heroes, said it best, “I see nothing, I know nothing”. That’s me.

I like the way the Vietnamese remember their birthdays. Tet is the beginning of the Vietnamese New Year and is everyone’s birthday, no matter when  he or she was born. In fact, most do not even know the exact day that they were born. I’m getting to be that way.

Anyway, I wrote this because my stepdaughter’s spouse has his birthday on August 22. He will be the ripe old age of forty-three. I think that falls in Oscar Wilde’s category of “suspecting everything”, but in the words of Sgt Schultz, “suspects nothing.”                            I’m going to buy his dinner tonight and he doesn’t know it. It’s a surprise birthday party. I am enjoying it with much anticipation, he doesn’t get to enjoy it until tonight.

Happy Birthday, Wade.

Have a great day.

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4 thoughts on “Events Unfolding As We Speak

  1. jackie turner on said:

    Birthdays, definitely a time to remember. Unless of course, you wish to forget how old you are. lol
    In my case, the double nickle was the hated one ~ 35 was a breeze ~ 45 not a problem ~ and now 75 this month and I can’t believe I am still here!
    Guess the good Lord has plans for me to do something, but I’m not sure what yet. So I will say/do each day what I believe He wants me to, and reach for whatever else is in store.
    Life ain’t over until you give it up ~ and birthdays are my milemarkers on the journey back home, as they are for everyone!
    I wish Wade a happy birthday too, even though I don’t know him!

  2. Thank you for the best night at a great place! You and Mom are the best parents. We were both surprised.

  3. Thank you so much Mom & Pop. I enjoyed reading your post and this special surprise of our dinner party. I did not suspect anything until we were asked to be seated and my wife hurried off a head of me. The surprise was received with joy and love. I do appreciate these things more and thank you for all your preparation. (even Mom making & bringing a homemade chocolate cake to be served). Alma was a terrific choice for a restaurant as our food was delicious. Things in life are so much more real and taken to heart in my current state of mind and growing older. My family & friends are cherished and I will not forget this wonderful occasion. Love, Wade

    • Jennie Robertson on said:

      Pete’s blog couldn’t have said it better. And Jackie, I NEVER dreamed you were the age you fessed up to ! I think you “Look Marvelous Girl” .
      Wade was definitely surprised and I am so glad we were able to help make his evening so special.
      If you haven’t dined at ALMA in Dallas on Henderson I highly recommend it . Be sure you ask for the Waiter, CION. He was the best. Great service, great food and presentation. Best part of the evening was the company of 3 people that I love bigger than life.

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