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The Information Age

The Information Age

I am sitting at my computer, trying to pick a subject for my next blog. I happened to look up at the books on my shelf. The first one that caught my eye was “Breeding Dogs for Dummies”.

That is an interesting title. Over the years, I have seen many such books. In fact, over 1600 titles have been published and is a worldwide success in many different languages. The original “For Dummies” book was published in 1991 as “DOS for Dummies” to help the majority of computer illiterates such as myself, understand DOS. I never made the connection.

“Breeding Dogs for Dummies” was an asset when my first experience with a canine pregnancy came in the winter of 2010/2011. The book is not written for dogs, rather for “dummies” like me. Besides, I don’t think dogs need any information on breeding. I kind of thought they had that firmly entrenched in their behavior.

The next book I saw was one titled “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Writing Poetry”. This book is written in the same vein of “For Dummies”. In fact the guide that brought the series to popularity was The Complete Idiot’s Guide to DOS , covering the same subject.

According to Wikipedia, DOS, short for “Disk Operating System”, is an acronym for several closely related operating systems that dominated the IBM PC compatible market between 1981 and 1995. I noticed that the United States has a DOS system. It is called the United States Department Of State. See the similar theme here? That seems to be a closely related operating system that dominates… sorry, I got off on another subject.

Since I dabble in writing poetry, I use the …Idiot’s Guide… book quite a bit. It is very informative and written in such language that even an “idiot” like me can understand. Apparently, idiots and dummies are related.

Among my book collection is a Dictionary and Thesaurus. I also, have a rhyming dictionary. These do not get as much use as they used to. With the click of a mouse, I can pull up a Thesaurus or a dictionary, and http://www.rhymezone.com . This is invaluable because it is so much faster.

I think back to the times when I did every bit of my writings with a pen and a journal, using the familiar books to correct my spelling, definitions and grammar. I did use a typewriter infrequently, however, I was never proficient at typing. Too many mistakes. Nowadays, with spell-check, it is much easier to correct my work.

I see that I have numerous telephone books, many out of date. I wonder why I keep them. Some are for areas in which I do not live. I can’t destroy them, though, I might want to look up an old acquaintance in that area. Forget that I can also look up numbers, area codes, etc. on the computer.

My wife recently received an Amazon Kindle as a gift. This is one of those EBook readers. You can purchase books, magazines, newspapers, etc., to read from the screen. You can even download free books. And It has its own light. You can read in the bed and not disturb your partner.

Saves a lot of time, too. You don’t have to turn a page, or bend a page over to mark your place. you don’t need a book mark. It is going to save a lot of trees. I suppose the people who make bookmarks will lose their jobs, but ain’t technology wonderful. (spell-check says “ain’t” ain’t a word)

My bookshelf has many interesting books. I suppose I could choose a book, read it and write a book report. Seems, that is what got me interested in writing in the first place. Reading a book! I recall, back in the day, That is what we did. Read a book and write a book report. Mrs. Springfield, my old English teacher, God rest her soul, spurred me to read. While I sometimes neglected to follow her advice, I’m thankful she did.

Do I resent the modern ways. Probably! Will I change and revert back to those times. Probably…not.

In the meantime, read this modern version of an electronic marvel, but on occasion, check your own bookshelf, pick up an old book, sit back and relax as you turn the pages one at a time. In case you have forgotten how,  I suggest you begin this way,                 “You place the book flat on a table, title side up, and spin it around until you can read the title. If your neck is painful or uncomfortable, try spinning the book around a little more”. Now you’re getting the picture. Don’t break the spine. It ruins the book.

Have a great day.

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2 thoughts on “The Information Age

  1. jackie turner on said:

    Cute, rancher ~ I have so many books around here I’m not sure which one I should pick up and read….hmmm…Ann Coulter’s Demonic is now on the kitchen table. I think I’ll give it a ‘whirl.’ Lol Jackie

  2. Jennie Robertson on said:

    Entertaining, as always ! I suppose since I am now so addicted to my Kindle, I will have to get a book off the shelf and try this new form of entertainment. After all, that is impossible to do with a Kindle….hmmm maybe that IS something that we lost with the new technology ! I, on the other hand, don’t have a place to store books. I will stick to my beloved Kindle, that stores 3,500 great reads, and chose the next one to bury my head into !

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