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Seasonal Sizzling Summer Spell


Just in time for the Fourth of July

 I always liked the spring. Temperatures are moderate and refreshing. It really gives you the opportunity to defrost from the cold winter and prepare yourself for the long hot summer. Of course, if you live in Texas, the spring doesn’t last very long.  

 Someone once said, “Texas has four seasons. You begin with winter, when spring arrives; you turn off the furnace, open the windows and let the spring season begin. Then the next day, yes, I said next day, you close the windows, turn on the air conditioner and let the summer begin. In the fall, you reverse the procedure”. There you have it, four seasons inTexas.

 In the winter when it is really cold, many have extra blankets or coats. In addition, we can wear layered clothing. This helps to warm the body. However, when it is really hot, one cannot remove enough clothing to cool the body. Well, not decently, anyway.

I have read about parts of the world where clothing is optional on beaches. I’m not going there. I don’t think I could do that. I don’t think my body is supposed to be exposed and even it were, I’m not interested in sunburning any part of it. Not only that, The climate is still very hot.

 I am envious of those who live in a more pleasant climate. Some people have winter homes where it is nice and warm with summer homes where it is nice and cool. Not that I would ever leave Texas, but sometimes it would be nice to wake up with the temperature hovering around 55-60, not the 80-85 we have here. The only problem is finding that perfect place. Everyone has an opinion as to the best climate. I’m looking for cool places year round.

 My delightful spouse and I watch the HGTV channel quite a bit. The network covers numerous quality programs. Some are geared to home improvement or landscaping designs. We particularly like those programs where people are interested in finding vacation homes or relocating to another state and even other countries. It gives us a view of how other people live. Many of those programs are situated in areas with a very mild climate. We find somewhat of an escape from our daily routines and an envious desire to move among those interesting and cool spots.

 Scientists tell us that we are experiencing global warming. I don’t know enough about that to offer an opinion, other than to say, in times past,Texas had 100 + degree summers and no one ever mentioned global warming back then. But that was before the internet was invented. Humph. I never knew.

 When I was growing up in the 1950’s, our home had no air conditioning. We relied on circulating fans and water-cooled fans to keep us cool. We called them, “swamp coolers”. It worked back then, well, not really good, but it was cooler.

Those who were fortunate to have an air system relied on window units. Most homes did not have any type of central air conditioning. Now on the other hand, the movie theatres touted, “cold air inside”. It made a lot of “cool” sense to hit the Saturday afternoon matinees. But the old timers would shrug their shoulders and refuse to install any type of air system.

After I was grown, married with three children and a central air system, I bought my mother and stepfather a window unit. They refused to use it, except when we visited. As soon as we left, they turned it off. They preferred their “swamp cooler”.

Cooling systems have certainly improved over the years. The problem now is the amount of electricity needed to operate those systems. We are constantly bombarded with advertisements detailing the amount of energy consumed by these modern miracles.

 Back last winter, the extreme cold caused power outages throughout the North Texas area. And because of the extreme cold, we were told to refrain from using too much electricity or risk more power outages. Just bundle up, they said.

 Now, here at the beginning of summer, because of the extreme heat, the power companies tell us to refrain from using too much electricity or risk more power outages. Just sweat more, they said. So which is it? Cold or hot?

 It must be global warming. The Polar bears are using “swamp coolers”. I’m getting mine out of storage. It worked back when.

In the meantime, as I sit under my air conditioner, thermostat set on 78º, (and still sweating) I surf the internet looking for that perfect climate. If you live there, let me know. I could use a brochure.                                                                           Whoa!!! I just received my electricity bill. Hurry with that brochure.

 Have a great 4th of July.   Eat watermelon.                                                                    Tradition, you know. Above all, stay cool.

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3 thoughts on “Seasonal Sizzling Summer Spell

  1. jackie turner on said:

    Guess it depends on where you live as to whether it is global warming or global cooling. Would bet it is sun-driven on both sides of the aisle.
    I also remember the 1950’s without a/c. We were able to sleep with the windows and doors open and unlocked ~ no threats other than a possible wild kingdom animal trying to get in. But then, animals are not stupid enough to want to sleep on the floor in front of the door when it is so much cooler outside, and no breeze inside.
    Those were the nights when you couldn’t wait for a cool morning breeze to circulate through the trees and bless you with its fresh air.
    Maybe if the warming/cooling trends keep going, we can stay right here and see things change immensely. But I wouldn’t bet on it.

  2. jackie turner on said:

    This morning it occurred to me that maybe the moon and its tides are causing some of our problems as well. So maybe we should send the Chinese up to take our flag down, as it may be making the moon tilt off a little bit. Just kidding, but there’s someone out there who will think that is serious business.
    And of course all the rockets blasting off couldn’t be poking holes in our ozone layer, or could they?
    And how many blast-offs may have caused terribly bad weather to occur within two to three weeks afterwards? But we don’t have to worry about our rockets going up any more and ever causing adverse weather, as our NASA has been shut down, for all practical purposes.
    We can let China and Iran do all that now. Maybe they can get control of the weather and send us all the bad storms and keep all the good weather for themselves.
    Oh well, just little gems of thought that nobody needs to consider in all our global warming decisions we are making.
    God bless and Happy 4th of July to you and Jen!

  3. Jennie Robertson on said:

    Oops, you forgot the watermelon to go along with our 4th of July feast ! Of course, seed spitting would have been my use for this fruit ! I would have, however, loved to watch you enjoy it though since I broke the tradition, Sorry my love, I will try to remember to have one iced down in time for July 4, 2012, God Willing.

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