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A Nonsensical Story

A couple years ago, I attended a writer’s club workshop. During this workshop, the speaker brought out a small box filled with sand. In the box were numerous small toys. Her idea was to choose several items from the box and write a story about them during the class time.  I chose two toy dinosaurs, a toy helicopter, a toy truck and a small can of green peas. The following story is the result of those choices. As you shall see, the story lives up to its name. It is titled;

A Nonsensical Story

Two dinosaurs were galloping through the sand as best they could when a helicopter lost a prop and caused a sandstorm thereby covering up one of the animals. There seemed to be a connection to Arizona and as the animal was uncovering himself (or herself as the case may be), a truck drove up.

Now you may be wondering how a truck and a helicopter and two dinosaurs met up in a desert. Especially when several thousand years (or million, depending on who you believe) exists between animals and machinery. I haven’t decided how to answer that question, either.

Anyway, Dino Sinclair, (that was the green dinosaur’s name) hinted that some of his ancestors moved from Glen Rose, Texas, to Yuma, Arizona, (because you have to have a sense of Yuma to hear this story).

The closest airbase from where the helicopter came, actually was in Las Vegas, Nevada. For whatever reason, the helicopter was on maneuvers and had to spend a lot of time blowing sand for cover. It was a military secret.

But Las Vegas is where Tweetie Bird, the yellow dinosaur moved from, after he hit the jackpot at the Dunes Hotel and Casino and subsequently lost the same jackpot at the Sahara Hotel and Casino, thereby causing him to have to get out of town. In hindsight, he probably could have got a job at the Circus Circus.

Anyway, back to Arizona!  The Border Patrol was brought to Yuma  from El Paso when it was discovered that the dinosaurs were harboring illegal aliens. When that information was brought to light, they were deported to Mexico. The illegal aliens, that is.

The dinosaurs borrowed a Volkswagen with a sunroof, (how else could they fit)  from the parking lot at Piggly Wiggly, drove to Galveston, with the Volkspeople in hot pursuit,  caught a Volksliner, and went south to the  Dinosaurier retirement village in Costa Rica and lived happily ever after.

The Border Patrol ended the dinosaur searches and returned to El Paso where they continued to guard the Rio Grande River until being replaced by the Texas Rangers.

The helicopter crew became tired of shifting sands and was transferred to Nome, Alaska. Now they use their helicopter to blow snow for cover. Of course, the polar bears are not too happy about that and recently have been corresponding with the retired dinosaurs in Costa Rica.

Dino and Tweetie, the dinosaurs, have invited the bears to visit. There are no helicopters in Costa Rica to blow snow or sand. The bears have made reservations on the next glacier coming their way. They have to take the long way around because they cannot come down the Rio Grande River.                    The Texas Ranger who replaced the Border Patrol, covers the river from El Paso to Laredo and does not want  I.C.E.  in his river. 

 In case you are wondering, this story really does have a moral. Stay in school, study hard and eat your green peas. You never know when you may come across a green pea-brained dinosaur or maybe an ice-covered polar bear who likes green peas.

Have a great day.

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One thought on “A Nonsensical Story

  1. jackie turner on said:

    This definitely shows a great sense of Yuma!!!

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