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How to change a turn signal bulb

I awoke early this morning. Nothing unusual about that. I wake up early every morning. Seems that as I approach, shall we say maturity, I awaken early every morning. I have a built-in alarm clock. It’s a modern convenience. Requires no energy whatsoever. I plan to leave it to my children. I insist.

I had to keep an appointment with the car dealer to get the oil changed and a turn signal bulb replaced. The closest dealer to where we live is about 35 miles away. I had made an appointment online for 10 A.M to have the oil changed and a new turn signal bulb replaced. The price listed on line for the oil change was $39.95 and I guessed the bulb would be around 20-25 bucks.

I don’t understand how a car manufacturer’s mind works or rather the design engineer. When I was a teenager, I could take out an engine and transmission, make the necessary repairs, reinstall and today, I cannot even change out a turn signal bulb. I must have lost something along the way. I read my manual and the only thing it says is to take the car to the dealer. Seems to be some sort of a conspiracy cooked up by the engineers.  

Whenever I make a trip to the dealer for any repairs, I always visit the show room. A guy can dream, can’t he? In this show room, they had a Cadillac CTS, a red Camaro, A yellow Corvette and a red Corvette.

What got my attention first was the red Camaro convertible. I always wanted a convertible. Now with the years of sunshine on my face and the trips to the dermatologist, I must respectfully decline the indulgence of a convertible. That and the $40,000 price tag.

I shifted my attention to the red Corvette. Now that was a car for the ages. When I was 17 years old, I really wanted one. The $4000 price tag, (included fuel injection, they were called fuelies) was certainly more than I could handle. It was a shock to my system when I discovered the $60,000 tag on this one.

So, I’m sitting in the customer lounge with my computer, I knew it was to be a long wait and they had free Wi-Fi. The adult in charge had brought along her e book reader and we were prepared for the long haul. I’m surfing the web, (the adult in charge was helping me) for homes in the surrounding area. We are constantly on the prowl for idyllic country homes.

The service manager comes in to discuss my email address. It belongs to someone in Springdale,Florida. Could have fooled me. I don’t know how I got from Fruitvale,Texas, to Springdale,Florida. With that correction, he returns to whatever he does while the mechanic is working on the car. I’m back to surfing the web.

The service manager returns to explain something to me. Seems the oil change special is for cars that take conventional oil. Surprise, surprise, my car takes a premium brand and it is not on sale. However, there is a substitute for only $56.00. What a bargain. Immediately from $40 to $56.                                                 I agreed and he was on his way.

I continued surfing the web. Guess what? Here comes the service manager, again. I was concerned that I may have to invite him to dinner. We were becoming such good buds. Anyway, this is the shocker.  Remember when I mentioned that the owner’s manual said to bring it to the dealer to change the bulb? I was right. It is a conspiracy. Here is why!

In order to change the turn signal bulb, one must remove the bumper. Wow, who’d thunk it? The amazing part about this is that the bulb only cost $6.80. That’s a good deal. (I know!!!) But to remove and replace the bumper? A flat $100.00!!!!

So now we have changed the oil, Premium or course, checked all the fluids, brakes, rotated tires AND changed the bulb. My total bill came to $176.00.

Now, I am not suggesting any wrongdoing on the part of anyone. I think it shows the progression of engineering. But I do long for the good old days when I could change a turn signal bulb for 2 bucks. And here some 54 years later, I still cannot afford a red Corvette. If I could get a Social Security increase? As I said, a guy can dream, can’t he?

Have a great day.

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2 thoughts on “How to change a turn signal bulb

  1. Your Loving Wife ! on said:

    I must say, I was amazed , at the price of our latest trip around the world and back , in the Cadillac ! LOL Who would’ve ever thought that buying a Cadillac would even run the price of a bulb and oil change up ?! Ouch. Have to say though that I think when it was 17 degrees and the bun warmers were going, I was smiling from ear to ear !!!
    The “country homes for sale” trip was fun and our “experience of fine dining” on Lake Tawakoni as well.
    Love U More !

  2. jackie turner on said:

    And things are just heating up! lol
    Think of $50 light bulbs instead of $1.37 for four that Obama has in store for us come January.
    Obama and his minions act like they are fifth columnists instead of true Americans. Just my opinion.
    Glad you are writing, will try to keep up with you. Hi Jen.

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