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That Gutter Needs Work

The day started out just fine, until I heard the thunder. Awakened from a sound slumber by this  disagreeable auditory experience, I noticed a brief but intense burst of energy through the slits of the blinds. There was something freaky about these flashes of light. They suddenly peered into the shielded eyes as if eyelids were made with transparency. Actually, they are the only piece of skin you can see through, well lightning anyway.

Lightning is one of those things that capture everyone’s attention because there is just the right mix of fear and curiosity. A certain amount of fear is good for the human mind. It causes a bit of respect for that which frightens. In addition, curiosity educates us about that which we know nothing. Although, I must admit, sometimes it is not good. Do you remember what curiosity did for the cat?

But this phenomenon need not happen at three in the morning while I am catching up on my Zzzzzzzzz. Coupling that with the thunderous sounds while still groggy causes one to sit straight up in the bed. Then the howling winds rattled the loose metal around the rain gutter. Finally the rain began pelting the roof and spilling over the top of the gutter. The gutter in need of said repair. I must remember to repair that gutter, as soon as the weather becomes more favorable. I’ll make myself a sticky note and post it to my computer.

Now listening to the gentle rain falling upon a metal roof is a pleasant experience that usually leads to a delightful rest, at least it does for me. However, make no mistake this was not one of those occasions. This was anything but gentle.

In researching for this, I discovered a few facts about thunder and lightning. Did you know that lightning can cause objects to explode? It instantly turns any water to steam. If there is any water in, say, concrete or trees or such, it will vaporize, causing a steam explosion. It can literally blow ones’ clothes off the body. Now that is very frightening. I do not even want to visualize that. Gives new meaning to, “flashing”. 

As for the thunder, the early Native Americans believed that the sacred Thunderbird caused thunder and lightning. He flapped his wings causing thunder and the lightning flashed from his beak. Look out Big Bird. Or perhaps the AFLAC duck. I am told it is really a Peking Duck. Looks a little like a goose to me.

Then there is the Norse god of Thunder known as Thor. He wields a heavy hammer and whenever he threw it, lightning flashed. Being an old carpenter, I have thrown my hammer a few times. You smash your finger and I guarantee that you will throw the hammer. Certainly something will flash. Children, cover your ears.

Well, I did not intend to turn this into a science lesson. I merely wanted to describe the disturbances of my sleep. Now that I am fully awake and aware of my surroundings, I can at least reflect on the convergence of this weather pattern.

It seems that bad weather causes one to remember all the little jobs outside the house in need of repair. Unfortunately, most cannot be accomplished while the weather is inclement. Of course, when the weather does become favorable again, there is no immediate need of repair of those little jobs. It is an endless cycle. Should I get the urge today to repair the gutter or not? It depends on the weather.

I see that severe weather is in the forecast. Perhaps I should wait and see. We really do need the rain. Did you know that Texas, Florida, and North Carolina are the top 3 states for lightning induced deaths. Just my luck, I live in the first one on the list

I think I saw a flash of lightning. I should get off my computer, now. Hope you have a wonderful day.

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4 thoughts on “That Gutter Needs Work

  1. Justin Keys on said:

    This has a symbolic mean to what I am going through right now! Not necessarily repairs on the house, yet repairs in my life. I Finally found a great job and a good place to live. Now I am working on my finances and getting back in school(to start in August 2011). I love your writings!! I always find a meaning in them that applies to me. You are a Wise “old man” 🙂 and mean that in a great way. I love you Grandpa. You are my role model and inspire me to do much more with my life than what I have done!

  2. Your Loving Wife ! on said:

    My dear husband,
    Although, I read much of what you write before it is published, this one I had not. You never cease to amaze me. Goodness, your talents are many.
    I am so glad that you are sharing them so that others can know one of the things that you do so incredibly well.
    God has Blessed you and it is a blessing that more people should experience.
    I am Blessed for being one of those important and loved recipients.

  3. I love the historical/informational references in your stories. I think that’s interesting. I think folklore, etc makes for the best kinds of stories. I would like to see more of these.

  4. I love the historical and informational tidbits, I think that makes a story even more interesting because I can learn something too besides being entertained by your prose and perspective. I think you will have a lot of material to work with due to the weather lately. Maybe Mother Nature can be your muse, she’s been pretty busy lately.

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